Things Gavin says...

Gavin, age 4, sitting in the back seat of the car talking to himself as he draws, I ask, "Are you talking to yourself?" He replies,
"I'm talking to my subscribers. I'm a videoer and I'm talking to my subscribers." and then, "And, now a smile. Do you think it's too big?"

Later, he draws a sun with a dozen rays of light radiating from it. The sun has a face with a large circle for a mouth, "The sun is saying, 'Ohhh, noooo.'"

On the walk to the car from the preschool this week, "Today, I was moved from the back to the front during quiet time. It was very annoying."

Gavin wanted to go shopping. We just wanted to go home; it was dark and late and we were tired. "The store was closed," his mama said. "No, it wasn't," he replied, "There were vehicles in the parking lot."
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It has been been a complex few days. For those who'd like to attend the showing, it will be 5 to 8 on Monday here in Connersville. Mass will begin at 11 am on Tuesday at St Gabriel Church. If you cannot attend mass, please, feel free to join us at the committal which will take place at Spring Lawn Cemetery in New Paris, Ohio.

Thank you, one and all, for your kindnesses to me and my family at this time of grief.

From Emily Dickinson,

The bustle in a house
The morning after death
Is solemnest of industries
Enacted upon earth,--

The sweeping up the heart,
And putting love away
We shall not want to use again


Yesterday, on Valentine's Day; in an elevator, a lone man carrying a paper-wrapped bundle rode up the building with half a dozen women. One woman, dressed well and perfectly made up, stated, "Oh, someone is getting flowers. And from McNamara. They must be beautiful." The paper on the flowers was labelled with the name. " I have been with Roger for eighteen years. Eighteen years of holidays and birthdays and anniversaries and the first time he ever sent me flowers was last July." She paused and stared at the flower bundle. "He only sent me flowers then because I nagged him consistently for two years."

The elevator stopped and the man with the flowers started forward. "You ladies have a happy Valentine's Day." 

A chorus of voices followed him, "Thank you," and "Happy Valentine's Day." And just as he was out of sight and the doors were closing, "Wait," the well-dressed lady called out loudly, "We want the flowers."
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Took William to the family doctor this morning, for, oh, he was NOT WELL. The local crud. Nasty virus. Eh.

Anyway, our wonderful doctor, likes to share. And, today, he shared the results of a new study. On the BESTEST WAY to AVOID COLDS. Nothing fancy, but all the practical.

1) Wash your hands. All. The. Time. Use hand sanitizer. But yes, wash them all the day long.

2) Eat a heart-smart diet. Especially eat breakfast.

3) Exercise! Sleep! 8 hours worth. (Yes, I know this is like two, but I lost track of where what went where. (Well except nos. 1 and 4.)

4) Avoid STRESS. (Maybe sleep fell here? Anyway, prioritize, plan for fun, but avoid stress as much as possible)

All of this is happy doctor talk, for this is EXACTLY what he says to us when he is talking about keeping the health. So, yay, keep healthy and away from the winter cold.


They were sitting at a table talking about deer and hunting, deer hunting season. She said she had seen what seemed to be more women dressed for hunting this year. He had nodded yes, but never said anything about it. He'd already gotten his first doe, and was waiting for the buck. There was one he had his eye. It had twelve points on its rack. Later, as they were leaving, he said his girlfriend wants to hunt. She'd seen a photo of a female friend posed beside the doe she had shot. "Now," he said with a huge on his face, "I'll have to buy a pink rifle."
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At the truck stop off of I70, two men are sitting behind me, one of the men says to the other, "That man who wanted to buy the AK47, he believes the zombies are really coming. He said, 'Hell can only hold so many people.'"
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Whilest this is on my mind...

Okay. Whoa. Youngest son, remember him, he is the eighteen year old Senior of the High School this year. Remember he is the drummer son, and, oh, how he learnt, is learning, to play Spanish Guitar via tube internets? (On pause for the moment as he grew his fingernails long and, then, peer pressure got to him, so now he is waiting on them to grow out long and strong and beautiful again.) Oh, yes, him. Well, this year for institutional school instruction in music, he is taking KEYBOARD (ie piano). He bought himself an piano, electronic, yes, but real-to-piano-life keyboard and everything else (but strings) so yes. Teeny tiny songs he plays from the lesson book, BUT! he gets bored and embellishes them some. Well, William likes Moonlight Sonota so he downloaded the sheet music and is learning to play it bit by bit. Go, William! BUT the reason for the post (brought about by Rae's mention of her piano (and tuning of) as well as a message post about a song for piano) is the fact that I should ask my friends what music should I ask my son to learn to play on the piano for me? BECAUSE. Oh, I am illiterate on piano music and you all know EVERYTHING. So, I am. Here I am asking, what piano music do you love and maybe think the boy of mine could learn to play for meeee.
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As I was driving home this morning, I passed a possum on the road. Her face morphed from possum to barn owl before my eyes. I know, I couldn't believe it either.

THEM! Run, run, RUN as fast you can.

"Tis officially now THE SUMMER OF THE BUGS! This morning, I found a black beetle in my bathroom sink. And, where did a black beetle come from so that he was in my bathroom? I'm thinking that sleeping bag the eldest son stuck in the laundry hamper after he used it to tan in the back yard.

But, yeah, bugs. I have seen more bomber bumblebees this year than I think I have seen in my life. And, crickets. I've even rescued big, black crickets at work. I told the last one that we had to stop meeting like this. And, Sunday morning, ants on the car as I ran an errand.

If there is going to be BUGS, I prefer the pretty ones with wings: butterflies, wee midnight moths, and fireflies. Fireflies, which I may be seeing in July for that is when my work restriction for my injured back is released (this Friday) and that is when I return to third shift. My request. For it is cooler in the evening and when you work in non-air-conditioned conditions the cooler the better. Because you know when you're laboring over a thing and sweat runs into your eyes, ah, it stings. Like a bug bite.

And, you, try to avoid the bugs, but the especially ones that STING. I mean all of you.